Our Story

Square-d Clothing started in 2009 by best friends, Lea Easley and Helen Summerford... These best-friends-turned-business-partners, decided they wanted to open a trendy store in Highland Village, the heart of the shopping district in Jackson, MS. After brainstorming multiple ideas, they proposed opening a fun, girly dance store. In November 2009, Dancing Divas was born.


After enjoying the fun atmosphere of a boutique, they branched out to add contemporary clothing brands. The contemporary clothing brands became instantly popular and it became only natural to expand the business into separate stores starting 2012.


In April 2012, Square-d Clothing opened in an 800-square-foot location right up the steps from Dancing Divas. The business grew so fast within the first year, they knocked down the wall and had to expand next door! By 2016, they spun off of the Square-d name to "Squared Girl," replacing previously known, Dancing Divas. In 2017, Helen decided to take full responsibility over Squared Girl while Lea took control of Square-d Clothing. 


Still best friends, they always consult each other on everything they do. In 2017, Lea expanded to open her second store on The Square in Oxford, MS. Soon after, Lea added another store, Threads, located around the corner on The Square for customers with an older, more mature contemporary style compared to Squate-d Clothing. In the Fall of 2018, Square-d Clothing traveled to Nashville, TN in the heart of the shopping district, Green Hills. Most recently, Square-d Clothing opened in August of 2019 with our first franchise store located in Starkville, MS. A new franchise opened 2021 in Baton Rouge, LA  on Perkins Row, and Tuscaloosa opening January 2024.